Leather washing

When and how to realize the leather washing ?

Washing leather is a very special operation, quite dangerous. We would recommend you to do it rarely, or even letting professional take care of it. Leather doesn’t like water, which weakens it a lot, which dry it up. The leather washes can cause huge damages on your leathers. Leather with an aniline finish won’t bear this operation. If you apply our leather soap on a couch with aniline finish, you’re going to darken it, create leather stains that you won’t be able to remove. Leather washing can be done once or twice a year maximum. We would recommend you to proceed after leather washing to a leather care and add a leather protector. So, next time you will wash your leather, it won’t move because you re-hydrated it, gave it new strength and flexibility, new strength to the leather protection. The pigmented leather washing is easier because it is more robust and its layer of colour is generally waterproof, depending on its good state. In a few words, you can proceed on your own for the pigmented leather washing. For aniline leather, ask a professional or try to forget about it. Operate with these three steps will guarantee a good length, a good flexibility daily to your leather.

Which products for the leather washing ?

For leather washing, use our leather soap and our brush. After that, we would recommend you to re-hydrate with our leather cream and our waterproofing.

Leather washing

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