Dyeing leather

Why dyeing leather ?

There are different ways to dye your leather as there are different reasons. You could have your leather finish damaged, meaning the layer of colour is damaged but not the leather itself. Generally, the colour gets more damaged than the leather. You might see little grey parts or lighter parts appearing on red leathers for example. Sun makes the colour fading. Dyeing leather is the ideal solution to bring it back to life. The type of finish and the state of your leather will determine whether you should use a leather paint or leather colouring. If you’ve got too many stains on it, a leather pigmentation will be the only solution !

How to dye leather ?

In the first place, you must determine what type of finish your leather is made of. To understand well all this, go to our page:Dyeing your leather . To teindre votre cuir, you need to use several products. Realize a polishing or a teinture cuir with our colorant cuir mixed with our crème cuir or a baume colorant ready to use consists in applying a colour delicately with shades, giving an old aspect to your leather (“club” armchair).

Which products to dyeing leather ?

You will find them on our website regrouped by kits. To teindre le cuir we would recommend you the kit patine or the kit reparation-patine. They contain all the products and methodology necessary for you to achieve some quality work. You could also buy these products separately. We offer you different colours to teinter le cuir. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to get further information.

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