Dye your leather

The different ways to dye leather

Many of our customers thought they couldn’t dye their leather before contacting us. It is after working on the animal skin, meaning transforming from skin to leather, that we are going to dye the leather. There are three different ways to do this work:
The aniline: very pure finish, very noble (the first one to be used) but also the most fragile. You will find it on “club” chairs, on couches, sofas where you can see different tints, mottlings, on ancient objects, shoes… We call this finish a leather dye.
The pigmented: finish really strong, strongly resists to frictions and dirtiness. You will recognize it easily, it appears as a plain colour. You will find it on leather car seats, recent couches with clear colours like white for example. It is the easiest finishing to realize. We can define it as leather paint.
The semi-aniline: it is the addition of the two others finishes, meaning a layer of pigment and then a layer of colorant. It is used generally for couches. It remains quite fragile. The fixative (leather varnish) being coloured, as soon as it gets damaged, some partial discolorations begin to appear.

How to choose the right method to dye leather ?

Before starting this work, you need to proceed by steps: determine the finishing of your leather (see below). Check the state of your leather. Too many stains on the leather will mean that it needs a leather painting. For an individual to dye its leather it is easier to go for pigmented finish. Leather offers many possibilities in terms of colours, touch, brightness and aspect. However, some tasks are impossible to make like swap a pigmented finish for an aniline finish for example. If you’ve got aniline leather and it has got stains on it, the only solutions will be the semi-aniline or pigmented finishes. If you want a looking old effect, you will need to make a hand-dyeing.

Which products to use to dye leather ?

You will find on our website two different methods to dye your leather. I would recommend you to visit the pages about the leather paint and leather dyeing. You will find more precisions regarding both methods and also the products to use in order to dye your leather.

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