How to restore leather chair

How to restore leather chair ?

We are going to speak about the restoration of leather armchair with an aniline finish on this page like “club” armchairs for example. To understand well what is an aniline finish, I invite you to go to our page: dye your leather, where you will find the three different types of finishes. If your leather has got a plain colour, you can go and check out or page leather chair repair. With an aniline finish, your colour is marbled, and you can notice different shades of colours. This leather is flexible but also fragile and porous. It absorbs all kind of liquid easily and the leather stain seems to be hard or impossible to remove. The leather restoration must be done in several steps. You will find on our site all the leather restoration products necessary to realize this task. We created for you a lot of technical pages in order for you to succeed the leather repair.

Which products to How to restore leather chair ?

Our leather repair-dye kit contains all the necessary products to restore your leather armchair. It is divided in three sizes, the kit 1 space, the kit 3 spaces and 5 spaces. In order to make it easier for you, technical pages plus a guide are included in this kit. You will also find a sponge to work with. The products found in our kit are also available in details, allowing you to order either our kit either only one product in case you are missing a little of one of those during the restoration of your armchair. We recommend you to order the whole kit if you wish to realize a proper job, especially durable in time.

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