How to restore leather sofa

How to restore leather sofa ?

You need to understand the difference we make between a leather restoration and a leather repair. On this page we will only speak about leather restoration. It happens on ancient leathers, like a restoration of a leather couch with an aniline finish (see our page dye your leather). “Club” armchair and ancient leather car also belong to this family. All these leathers are mellowed, meaning their colour is made with shades, some parts lighter, others darker. It is leather restoration quite delicate that will demand patience and trifle. By following our technical pages and our videos, you will reach easily your objective. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Which products to restore leather sofa ?

Helped by our leather repair and dye, you are going to realize the restoration of your leather couch. This leather restoration will be done in several steps which vary depending on the work that has to be done. The restoration of your leather couch will always start with a removing of the first layers (pickle). Then you will repair leather with our corrective resin(neutral or coloured) and our Magic Alta. Once the leather restored, you will be able to polish it with our colorant balm or our leather colorant and our leather cream. To protect your work and your leather, apply our fixative at last.

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