Stain on leather

Problems of stains on your leather ?

The problem of stains on leather is a wide subject. To remove the stain you first need to know the nature of the stain. Next you need to know the origin of your leather, its type of finish. An ink stain is treated differently than a vegetal stain. The stain remover won’t be the same. To remove stains on leather, you need to understand the way it is made. All leathers, cow, lamb, pork are fixed (varnish). That is the protection that will determine the leather repair. If the protection is still in good conditions, the stain won’t penetrate. Do not forget that leather is a porous material. If the protection layer is damaged, liquids, fatty material like sebum will be absorbed. That’s why the protection of your leather is so important. The more frequent leather care is made, the less problems you will have with stains. To prevent is a key. Clean your leather, care for your leather will guarantee you the extended life length of your objects and will avoid you having bad surprises.

How to remove leather stains ?

If you leather still has a good protection, our leather soap will remove all types of stains. But most of the time unfortunately, the stains went through the leather protection. We are going to mention a maximum of cases in order for you to have as many solutions as possible. Proceed by steps: determine the nature of your leather, the nature of the stain, follow our different examples and apply the following methods to restore your leather. Ink stains, permanent marker: solution is simple as removing this stain is impossible. Ink would penetrate deeper and would be impossible to remove. You will have to dye your leather. Sebum stains on aniline, ancient leathers: you need to use our leather degreaser that is going to remove the fat. If the stain is too deep, your leather will remain darker, you won’t be able to get the original colour back. We recommend you to use our colouring balm to polish your leather and give it a nice, bright aspect. Mould stains: use our leather soap and our brush. If mouldiness remains after this treatment, you will have to colour your leather.

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