Leather Renovation

How to do a leather renovation ?

There are many different methods to restore your leather. You will find on our site all the existing techniques on all types of support. You can go to our pages leather restoration or leather repair where you will find the directions of these different methods. They are separated by specificity and different supports or objects. we have tried to classified them as simply as possible, check out the thick leather jacket restoration or the car leather restoration. They are also divided by the different finishes (see our page: dye your leather). For example, you will find pages where we will speak about repair leather pigmented of your leather couch and the page leather sofa repair where we will speak about how to restore leather aniline of your couch.

Which products to use for leather renovation ?

To restore your leather, we offer you different techniques. We recommend you to work with our kits, leather repair-paint kit or leather repair-dye kit. You can order our products separately. You will find our leather degreaser stripper, our corrective resin, the corrective coloured resin, the Magic Alta, the leather paint, the primer, the colouring balm, the fixative. I would advise you to check out our videos as well.

Leather Renovation

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