How to wash leather

How can we wash leather ?

Washing leather is a term that we do not like very much. Leather doesn’t like and can’t bear water and humidity. You need to know that wet leather looses 20% of its flexibility and its strength. We could also say that every time you wash it, it looses life length. To wash your leather we would recommend you to take extra caution. You won’t wash a leather couch the same way than a pair of leather shoes or car seats. To wash leather properly, you need to make sure that its leather protection is in a good condition. You must not clean your leather without having a test first. With a cotton bud, try to wet the leather a bit. If it gets darker in contact with water, then you must not try to wash it or use a leather soap for example. If the fixative is not in a good condition you might wet the leather and it could dry out. Wahing leather consists in removing dust, leather stains or any others stuffs that got on the varnish but not inside the leather. Only in that case, you’ll be able wash your leather. Wash your leather once or twice a year maximum. After every wash, we would recommend you to care for your leather.

Which products to use to wash your leather ?

To wash your leather we would recommend you our leather soap and our brush. It is better if after the leather washing and its complete drying, you proceed to a re-hydration with our leather cream in order to give it new strength.

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