How to clean leather sofa

How to clean a leather sofa ?

To clean leather, we would advise you to take extra care. It is important to know your leather and its type of finish (see dyeing leather) before using our products. Cleaning a leather couch is an important step in the leather treatment. The leather cleaning must be followed by a leather care. Sebum, friction, food, dust and leather stains weaken your sofa. Clean your living room furniture will make you keep it longer and will preserve its leather protection, its colour, its flexibility and its original state. The method for a leather sofa cleaning will depend on its type of finish, the frequency of use and its exposure. You must take all these factors to determine the frequency of the leather sofa cleaning.

Clean leather living room furniture

To clean your leather couch, we would recommend you our leather soap, our leather degreaser and our leather cream for specific cases. You can use our leather soap with our brush to remove the dust stuck in the leather grain. Leather van be very grained. You will also need these two products to clean white leathers. They are very efficient.

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