How to clean car leather

How to clean your leather car ?

For the leather car cleaning, we recommend you to use our leather soap with our brush. Clean your leather car must be done regularly if you wish to keep it many years. It is apigmented leather, robust making easy the leather care. Clean your leather carregularly is really important because it is the type of leather with the leather sofa cleaning which has to be made the most often. The cleaning of your leather must be done with a re-hydration, with our leather cream and a leather protection with our fixative if you wish to realize a good leather care.

Why should you clean your leather car ?

The car leather is composed of many products allowing it to resist to friction, humidity and many other aggressions. Despite all this, sun exposure and temperature changes weaken quickly your leather. It is important to clean car leather, care for it regularly if you don’t want to see the colour disappearing, especially on the driver seat, on the steering-wheel or on the gear box. Drying-up leather causes tensions on the colour and the protection layer and can damage them severely with time. If you clean your leather every three months roughly, you will keep it in a perfect state during the entire life of your car.

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