How to clean leather couch

When should you realize your leather couch cleaning ?

The leather couch cleaning is done the same way as the leather sofa cleaning. Before cleaning your leather, you need to know its origin, its nature. Generally, the salesmen explain you whether your leather is cow leather or buffalo leather. They tell you about the chrome or vegetable tanning, which doesn’t change the quality of your leather. They are only two different methods to make your leather rot-proof. This step of its transformation doesn’t affect this type of furniture for its final result. However, they rarely speak about the type of finish. But it is from this type of finish that you will choose the mode of leather cleaning. You will find by reading our website the different types of leather finish. Check out the page: dying leather.

Which products to do the leather couch cleaning ?

For the pigmented leather couch cleaning, we would recommend you to use our leather soap and brush. You can realize this task as often as you want. The white leather cleaning will be done more often that a black one. Our soap clean and remove the fat without damaging the finish of your leather (the fixative). For the aniline leather couch cleaning (“club”chair) it is a little more complex. Generally made from sheep leather, it is more fragile and more porous. We wouldn’t recommend you to use any soap as you can’t clean this leather. You can however use our leather degreaser to remove the sebum or a fatty leather stain. The product that has to be used regularly is the leather cream. Well-hydrated leather won’t absorb much liquid and won’t get many stains. Prevention is really important with this type of leather if you wish to keep it a long time. For the semi aniline leather couch cleaning, you need to do a test on a hidden part in order to check the strength of the layer of protection that is also coloured. If that one resists during the test, you can work as for a pigmented finish. If the coloured varnish gets away, use directly our fixative in order to give an extra-strength before realizing the leather care.

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