How to clean leather couch

How to clean your leather ?

To know how to clean your leather, you first need to know its type of finish. For that, go to our page: dyeing leather or check on your product bill. Pigmented finish: the leather cleaning of this type of finish is the most simple. It can be done every six months for the leather sofa cleaning and every three months for the leather car cleaning.
Aniline finish: it is the most fragile and needs more care. You won’t be able to clean a leather jacket the same way you would clean a leather sofa. Semi-aniline finish: it is in between the two others. You will find it on certain couches. Clean a white leather couch for example can be tricky because it can be made with a pigmented or a semi aniline finish. A little test needs to be done before applying our products. Clean your leather will allow you to keep it longer. Sebum, dust and humidity are the main enemies of your leather. It is important to clean your leather regularly and re-hydrate it. It will resist more to the daily aggressions. Clean your leather chair regularly avoids the risk of leather stains. Depending of your leather finish, the complete treat of your leather will avoid you having bad surprises that could be impossible to get rid of.

Which products to use to clean your leather ?

To clean your leather, we have a complete range of products. You can use our leather soapand our leather degreaser. It is really important to clean your leather but you must complete the cleaning by doing a leather treatment with our leather cream. We would recommend you to clean and also care for your leather. Do not hesitate to give it an extra strength with our leather protection and our waterproofing or our fixative.

How to clean leather couch

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