Care Leather 

Leather care

It is crucial for your sofas, car seats, handbags or any other object to proceed regularly to a leather care. Caring for leather is mandatory if you wish to conserve your belongings in a good state.

  • The leather soap   (200 ml) cleans dust and traces of damp,   the leather cream   (200 ml) hydrates and cleans in depth.   The silk bristle brush   enables perfect and gentle cleaning of natural grooves in...

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  • Used by many professional, our leather shampoo you will be satisfied when first. Shake the bottle well before use. Switch to using a soft bristle brush or cloth on the surface to be cleaned. Proceed in a circular...

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  • Silk bristle cleaning brush (4 rows of hair; dim. 4cm. x 2 cm.). To be used with leather soap to cleaning leather or leather cream to care leather. Its highly flexible bristles, made of natural fibres, respect the...

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  • Leather cream is a leather conditioner which penetrates and nourishes deep. It’s   care your leather   and restores thickness and suppleness, revitalising all your leathers. Use for care leather sofa, care leather...

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  • The quality of this product helps nourish and protect leather, by an application very light, about every month periods.

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  • This anti stain sealer protects leather stains, can be used on new and   clean leather   or fabric. It is particularly advisable to protect leather. Protect from water or food stains. Liquid slides off and does...

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The leather enemies like sun or sebum weaken everyday a little more your leather. Caring for leather results in protecting from all attacks and helps resisting to frictions, for couches and armchair especially. To understand why it is important to process in leather sofa care for example, you need to understand the way they are made. To give a colour to your leathers, we proceed with two different methods (in most of the cases).

For pigmented leathers: We take the skin, deep it in a coloured bath, then apply a layer of colour on the surface and a fixative (varnish) to protect the colour and the leather. This finish is the most robust, the safest and the easiest to look after.

For semi aniline leathers: We apply the same method as for the pigmented leathers but during the final step, we will add a colorant to the varnish. This finish allows you to get marbled leathers. However, it remains more fragile.

The fixative weakens more or less fast. Always faster when it is mixed with a colorant and when it starts cracking. It creates discolorations, clearer parts on your leather.

Care for leather helps keeping its flexibility so the colours and fixatives do not get tensions from the inside to the outside. Cleaning leather allows the fixative resisting the sebum influence or in other terms, proofing your leather gives it an extra strength. We would recommend you to care for leather once every three months for car equipments, once every six months for living room furniture and once a month for shoes and handbags.