Cleaning leather 

Why do you have to realize leather cleaning ?

It is important to realize the cleaning of your leather in order to keep them in good conditions as long as possible. The cleaning frequency of your leather varies depending of your support, of your object (example: leather sofa cleaning).


  • The leather soap   (200 ml) cleans dust and traces of damp,   the leather cream   (200 ml) hydrates and cleans in depth.   The silk bristle brush   enables perfect and gentle cleaning of natural grooves in...

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  • Used by many professional, our leather shampoo you will be satisfied when first. Shake the bottle well before use. Switch to using a soft bristle brush or cloth on the surface to be cleaned. Proceed in a circular...

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  • Silk bristle cleaning brush (4 rows of hair; dim. 4cm. x 2 cm.). To be used with leather soap to cleaning leather or leather cream to care leather. Its highly flexible bristles, made of natural fibres, respect the...

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  • Leather cream is a leather conditioner which penetrates and nourishes deep. It’s   care your leather   and restores thickness and suppleness, revitalising all your leathers. Use for care leather sofa, care leather...

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  • The quality of this product helps nourish and protect leather, by an application very light, about every month periods.

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  • This anti stain sealer protects leather stains, can be used on new and   clean leather   or fabric. It is particularly advisable to protect leather. Protect from water or food stains. Liquid slides off and does...

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A couch with an aniline finish must be clean more regularly than a couch with a pigmented finish. You will be able to clean the leather of your couch with a pigmented finish every six months rather than every three months for an aniline finish.

The white leather cleaning can be done more often. White leather is always with pigmented finish, quite strong and robust. You can clean white leather every week but you should be careful with its protection. You could clean it every week and protect it every three months in order to keep an intact white. The car leather cleaning can also be done every three months. It has a pigmented finish and is quite robust.

However, it includes a product that protects it from humidity and frictions but dry it up faster than other leathers. That’s why it is very important to care for the leather of your car. The leather jacket cleaning is more delicate. Leather jackets very flexible are made with dipped lamb. Cleaning a leather jacket must be done regularly with a leather cream. Do not use any leather soap. You need to avoid wetting this type of leather or you could lose its colour or its softness. The leather bag cleaning can be done the same way as the leather chair cleaning or the leather sofa cleaning.

Which products should you use to realize a leather cleaning ?

To clean the sebum traces, the leather stain of a fat kind, you can use our leather degreaser. For your daily leather cleaning, use our leather soap.

You need to determine its finish (pigmented or aniline) and depending on that, choose the right products. You will find on our website all the products to realize the cleaning of your leathers.