Leather furniture dye 

Why to dye your leather furniture ?

Dye a leather furniture allows you to keep it longer, to change its colour. If your leather is in a good state without holes,  dyeing leather is less expensive than changing your armchair. You can work on any type of support.

  • This product prepare you car, sofa… Vital for lasting leather dye. Degreasing and stripping of leather, powerful product to be applied with a cloth and wearing protective gloves, it’s the first step in your leather...

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  • Ideal product to dye leather, apply with a cloth, using circular movements. See ou advice to dyeing leather , you cab with for leather restoration . It’s the best product for the aniline leather. It works great at...

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However you need to know which type of finish the leather is made with. Check out our page: dye leather to know which finish you have. Depending of the finish and the state of your armchair, you will determine the method to apply. On leather stains, we wouldn’t recommend to realize a leather paint. We can also help you with your choice. We are available to give you advices. You can send us pictures for us to be more precise in our solutions.

Which products to dye your leather furniture ?

To realize a leather pigmentation, we recommend our leather paint kit and to realize a dyeing, our leather dye kit. These two kits contain all the products, technical pages and methodology necessary to achieve quality work. If you do not wish to order the complete kit, you can order the products separately. It is however better to work with the same method as we do if you wish to realize a work durable in time.