Cleaning leather sofa 

When should you do the leather sofa cleaning ?

The  leather sofa cleaning can be made as many times as wished. Cleaning Leather is not a problem, considering you use the right products and methods. The  leather sofa cleaning  must be done at least every six months in order to avoid dirtiness caused by sebum that is the number one enemy of your leather. Pigmented leather is less fragile than aniline leather. They need less attention and you can realize  the leather cleaning  once every six months or everyday. Clear leather is generally clean more often. They need to be clean and protected.

  • Used by many professional, our leather shampoo you will be satisfied when first. Shake the bottle well before use. Switch to using a soft bristle brush or cloth on the surface to be cleaned. Proceed in a circular...

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  • Silk bristle cleaning brush (4 rows of hair; dim. 4cm. x 2 cm.). To be used with leather soap to cleaning leather or leather cream to care leather. Its highly flexible bristles, made of natural fibres, respect the...

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  • The quality of this product helps nourish and protect leather, by an application very light, about every month periods.

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Clean leather sofa is necessary if you wish to keep it for a maximum of time. Clean leather must also be protected and re-hydrated. If you wish to keep it, the cleaning of your couch is not enough. By cleaning it, you weaken little by little its protection, its fixative. That layer becomes porous and the  leather stains get stronger and harder to remove. The  leather sofa cleaning must be done with a re-hydration every four or five cleanings with our  leather cream . By respecting these steps, you will allow your leather to be clean, hydrated and protected.

Which products should you use to realize the  leather sofa cleaning  ?

For the leather sofa cleaning , you need to know its type of finish. A very important rule is never using our  leather soap  on aniline finishes. You need to use our leather cream . Aniline leather always needs to be clean with a leather cream. You need to insist on its  leather protection that is indispensable if you want to keep it as long as possible.

For leathers with pigmented finish, you can use our leather soap , which cleans and removes the fat on your leather by respecting its touch.